Our Stories: Summer 2020

An intimate and vulnerable look into the lives of our students during this historic and turbulent moment in our history.

About Our Stories: Summer 2020

“Our Stories: Summer 2020” is a photographic and reflective undergraduate student-based project and podcast series that hopes to document our present times through the eyes, voice, and language of our students. 

The FIU Honors College and the Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab had the idea of sending a small group of students a disposable camera to give them the opportunity to show us a glimpse into their life this summer. 

Students were asked to capture their day-to-day life in just 27 exposures, write a reflection about their experience, and join us on a podcast episode to debrief everything that happened these past few months during a global pandemic, nationwide protests, presidential election, and more. 

Our students reflect on moments like managing their mental health, being stuck in different countries away from their family, activism during COVID-19, the fourth of July 2020, what the first few months of quarantine felt like, black lives matter protests happening around the country, and more.

These are their stories.

Special Thank you to the FIU Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center for helping make this project happen.

Meet Our Team!

The team behind the idea for “Our Stories: Summer 2020” from The FIU Honors College and the FIU Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab!

Enrique Rosell

Student Program Coordinator at FIU Honors College

Andrea Fanta

Faculty Fellow at the Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab


Rebecca Friedman

Director of the Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab


Laura Kurtzberg

Faculty Fellow at the Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab